Tree Top Forest Tents

Experience the silence and whispers of nature, the rustling of the forest canopy as you snuggle in a retro canvas glamping tent set on a timber timber deck surrounded by ferns and forest, a truly magical back to nature experience.

DESCRIPTION: Our old style retro canvas tents are on timber decks surrounded by ferns and forest, a truly magical back to nature experience.

OFFERS: Each tent has a Double bed, small table, 2 chairs & a shelf. There are 4 separate communal timber huts, with a well equipped kitchen hut, a toilet hut and our famous 'Loo with a view' plus a shower hut and 2 showers among the forest trees.

Mystic Moon
Hello to the moonshine, hello to the sunshine,  welcome bright day we are ready to play.

Flutter by with your magic glow, to all the mysterious places nobody knows.

Deep Forest
Magical, mystical deep forest sounds, coming through the canvas door, wake up early wanting more.

Morning Star
Twinkle twinkle little star, up above the earth you are, way up high you dance around, not a murmer nor a sound.

Each of these units can accommodate a maximum of two guests.