Eco Lifestyle

Living in harmony with our environment is something we have taken seriously since we moved to Peace of Eden in 1993 and we have an ongoing program to improve our green awareness. Here are some things you might like to know. . .

  • We are entirely off the municipal grid and have been since 1993.
  • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used at Peace of Eden since 1993.
  • Our vegetables and fruits are organic and no GM products have been grown.
  • We have a policy of 'do no harm' where ever possible and should it be necessary we will remove and relocate bothersome creepy-crawlies and the like. Please refrain from using insecticides. Repellants are an effective alternative.
  • Please don't harass or feed the monkeys, baboons, bush pigs, porcupines or any other wild animals.
  • Drinking and cooking water is supplied as often as you need it. Its literally from the heavens and tastes just like you would expect it to.
  • Bathing water is from the pond which is maintained in a healthy condition by natural eco systems. Its filtered and lightly treated before being pumped into a central system to your cottage or cabin. However it retains a golden hue, coloured by the tannins and minerals in the area.
  • Grey water from showers and basins is piped to french drains that diffuse into vegetation at three separate locations.
  • Brown water from toilets is processed in three separate septic tank systems that are maintained in optimal condition.
  • Wild animals have free access to all parts of the property except the vegetable gardens. The are no fences at the boundaries of the property in the forest.
  • We are founder members of the Phantom-Homtini Nature Conservancy.
  • We recycle wherever possible, use biodegradable natural detergents and ask you to do the same.
  • Our electricity comes direct from Eskom and we pay an environmental conservation levy. We use enegy-saver light bulbs wherever possible.
  • We do not use any herbicides to control alien vegetation.