What Awaits You

Peace of Eden evolved organically as friends and family encouraged us to share our rural, rustic haven with others. Nothing here was put together with an architects pen or a designers eye so if your tastes prefer DSTV, travertine tiles and beveled mirrors you're probably going to enjoy a hotel more than you will Peace of Eden.

We'd be lying to you if we said there's no spiders or snakes tho rarely do any appear and none has ever harmed a guest. We have healthy integrated ecosystems here and we encourage guests to share in nature's space with us. Howard, a knowledgeable field guide, is always willing to unravel the out-door secrets for you if you care to know.

So if a mushroom, horse, a firefly, monkey, porcupine, busk buck, bush pig, spider, bird, baboon, frog, tree, flower, bee, snake, ant, cricket, rodent, gecko, mole, leopard, otter, hadeda, butterfly, lizard, wasp, fish or crab are a deal breaker for you then we cant make any promises you wont experience them here.

However if waking to the sounds of birds, the chatter of monkeys and the buzz of bees sounds like a great way to start the day then you'll enjoy Peace of Eden. And if a golden sunset across farmland meadows and forests (weather permitting) is an ideal way to end your day then chances are you'll love what we have to offer.

Other idiosyncrasies are evident, a consequence of our independence from the services of the Knysna Municipality. We manage our own water supply by a system of pumps from a dam and the pressure can vary as does the water colour but its treated and a better quality than they have in town. Clean clear beautiful rain water is always provided for cooking and drinking if you prefer. Hot showers are from gas in bottles and they can empty out at inconvenient times. The power is direct from Eskom and we don't need to explain that to you but who doesn't enjoy candlelight occasionally.

The last thing we want to do is create disappointment so its important that you know what you're coming to. What we can tell you is that our occupancy is growing as more and more people discover the magic of alternatives such as Peace of Eden. We look forward to welcoming you to our paradise.