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    Forest Cafe

Forest Cafe

Please Come and Enjoy our colorful, creative and nourishing vegan cuisine at the Forest Cafe right here at Peace of Eden. Our head-chef, Jen, will be more than happy to whip up one of her "Secret Dinners" that is sure to excite not only your taste buds, but your eyes as well. Her cooking is much more than just food. Jen puts all of her energy, love and creativity into each dish to help inspire, excite and educate those who may have an uninspired view of typical vegan cuisine. Trust us, its more that just salads here!
She gets inspiration from all things here at Peace of Eden; the clan of vervet monkeys, the budding blackberry bushes, her extremely artistic and talented family, the ripened cherry tomatoes straight from the garden and the unexpected surprises that the forest brings daily.

You will not only leave nutritionally satisfied, but hopefully inspired to gain more of an understanding of why we here at Peace of Eden are so passionate about living a vegan, sustainable lifestyle.
Hope you will join us soon!