• fabulous vegan dinner at Peace of Eden vegan Lodge in Knysna in the forest south africa

Pop-up Dining

Enquire about our inspiring pop-up dining!

We offer gorgeous, healthy Vegan meals. Breakfasts are available every morning, and Dinners are available only by request on certain nights.

This includes our famous 'Secret Dinners' which consist of creative and nourishing vegan cuisine. Jen and Co. put all their energy, love, and creativity into each dish to help inspire, excite and educate those who may have an uninspired view of typical vegan cuisine. Trust us, it's more than just salads here!

You will not only leave nutritionally satisfied but hopefully inspired to gain more of an understanding of why we here at Peace of Eden are so passionate about living a vegan, sustainable lifestyle.

Please note we do not have a traditional restaurant and only cook and create our Breakfasts and Secret dinners to order - we normally need 24 hours' notice.