Recording Studio

Peace of Eden is a one-stop recording and publishing studio located just outside Knysna in an area characterised by pristine natural vegetation and verdant forests. It inspires creativity, offers a relaxed atmosphere free of cluttered schedules, and is equipped to produce professional quality recording and audio-visual products. Apart from its ideal location and facilities there's a team of clued-up friendly people, engineers and session musicians to help you get the best out of your project, from pre-production to final release.

Our mastering techniques are state of the art and formatted to give your music the highest levels of copyright and royalty identification currently possible. We are a RISA member (Recording Industry of South Africa) and registered internationaly with GS1 (Global Standard 1) to provide you with ISRC cataloguing (International Standard Recording Code) and UPC barcodes essential to sell your recordings into the north American and European markets, not only through retailers but via online shops. Our MediaTribe syndicate is also on hand to provide a pool of expertise to design, implement and optimize your project on the web. Visit our

studio website here