Workshops, Events and Retreats

At Peace of Eden we offer a wonderful array of holistic retreats, vegan cooking workshops from one night to a week. There are a variety of workshops, weekends, classes and private sessions in a wide variety of inspiring, creative, educational , environmental and empowering modalities. We host an interesting assortment of colourful, dynamic local and International speakers, therapists and artistes who come here to share their inspirational expertise.

Are you needing to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul or just take some time out to rest, write and inspire yourself? At Peace of Eden Vegan Forest Retreat & Backpackers Lodge you can do just that. We will tailor make a retreat or getaway for you, from a weekend to 30 days to suit your personal needs and wishes. We offer a variety of healing modalities using local professionals, therapists and teachers. Here is a taste of what your personal retreat could consist of: Silence - Experience a guided forest walk with the 'Souls of your feet' - Yoga - Meditation -Tai Chi - Movement Medicine - Vegan meals - Raw diet - Juicing De tox - Natural Gardening - Intro to Permaculture - Nurture to nature - Horse interactions - Family constellation work, Music sound journeys - Art Therapy - Star gazing -Creative writing - Healing & de stress Breathwork - Reiki - Aroma massage - Birding - Beach walks - etc.

Greenpop @ Peace of Eden 23 June-15 July

We are excited and humbled to have Greenpop select Peace of Eden to hold their Festival of Action from 23 June- 15 July. For the last 6 years the festival has been held in Zambia, but this year we are fortunate enough to be hosting the event in our home country, and more specifically, our own backyard.
After the devastating fires that happened in the Knysna region in June of last year, there is much recovery work to be done to the local ecosystem.
During the event, there will be high school students and participants of all ages to help with the regreening projects. Planting indigenous trees, removing alien species, building catchment and recycling systems, painting murals, and celebrating with music and collectivenerss will be just some of the projects done over the 3 weeks.
We are busy on site preparing for all the participants, and can't wait to see everyone in June.


The Awakening Sound Retreat 23-25 February 2018

Come join us at Peace for a truly deep and powerful 2-day sound healing retreat in the most Serene, Beautiful and Natural of settings.

The Awakening Sound Retreat will provide you with a lasting experience of inner well-being and deep calm. This will be accomplished by integrating Sacred Music in communal practices such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Conscious Breathing, Universal Chanting, Sacred Dancing, Guided Visualization and Theta Healing.

Our property will allow you to fully disconnect from the hustle and bustle of day to day life and fully immerse into this powerful sound healing therapy. Let the distant chirp of the birds, the babble of the river and the vibrations of the crickets facilitate you on your inner journey here.

The retreat will begin at 3pm on Friday and finish on Sunday at 12 noon.

The full package includes:

  • 2 nights of shared accomodation
  • vegan meals
  • Qi Gong/YOga
  • Meditation
  • Universal Chanting
  • Sacred Dancing
  • Theta Healing

There is also an option for only day participation which includes lunch and teas.

The Desert Rose Concert will be held Saturday, February 24th at 7pm. Concert only tickets and/or dinner tickets available for that evening as well.

We look forward to seeing all of you here in the forest for a truly magical and spiritual weekend!

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Empowering healing therapies

From deep healing breath to soulful forest walks, from creative vegetarian cooking to meditative silence, from music to dancing in colourful kaleidescopic light, every one of these workshops will inspire and transform your inner and outer worlds guiding you to a more joyful authentic life.


  • Soulful forest walks and Hikes­ Howard Butcher
  • Inspirational Breathwork Sessions & Retreats ­ Jen Harvey­Butcher
  • Vegan Cooking evenings and weekends ­ Jen and invited guests
  • Astrology Courses ­ Western & Vedic ­ Richard Fiddler
  • Meditation evenings and weekends ­ Various Guest Teachers
  • Yoga Retreats ­ Various Yogi’s from S.A and Europe
  • Storytelling & Kaleidoscopic dance ­ Akira Erica Stander