Adventure Forest, Fungi, And Elephant Trails

Ancient Elephant Trail

The Knysna forest elephants are not a myth. Howard is one of a handful of humans who has seen them here with his own eyes. While he can't guarantee they'll appear, he can show you their scat, where they scratch, and tell you all about the life of the herds in the forests they traverse. You may also see evidence of active birds, baboons, civets, caracal (rooikat), porcupine & bush pigs while you're tracking the ellies. Enchanting!

Twitchers Paradise

The mature, Afromontane forests of the area are the native home to a host of stunning feathered creatures. High in the canopy, the red-winged Knysna lourie, Rameron pigeon, wood owl, Narina trogon & Knysna scrub warbler reside. The mountain buzzard, Cape eagle owl, and crowned eagle frequent the forests and nearby mountains. Howard will point them and others out in hand signals and a husky whisper designed not to disturb.

Medicinal Food Forage

Are you curious about the ways the forest and coastal fynbos can feed you? Take a walk in the hills and valleys of the area with your FGASA-registered guide to find out how you can pick from the trees (and mushrooms) of life and return to Peace with an armful of edible treats. We can even cook them for you!