Tantra Yoga Retreat - 5-15 March 2015

Posted by Jeni on Tue February 10, 2015 in Yoga Events.

Thula Yoga Forest Retreat Program in South Africa
This retreat teaches couples and individuals the basic principles of a tantric life. The first week is consecrated mostly to theory, training, and practical issues for the individual. You will study the Tantric orgasm and how to develop it through the understanding and practice of Tantric techniques like sublimation, retention, transfiguration and more. These techniques will be supported by a relevant practice of Hatha Yoga to enhance sexual vitality and sublimation of sexual energies.

The course is for both single men, single women and couples who wish to understand Tantric spirituality and comprehend why Tantra is a unique “life embracing” approach when compared to more mainstream, ascetic and repressive spiritual traditions. Participants will be given both theoretical and practical elements to understand how to make sexuality a spiritual path, in adherence to the most ancient tradition of Tantra.

Consisting of Tantra, Kundalini, Hatha and Laya yoga, this retreat offers an Integral system of yoga based on ancient teachings from India and Tibet. You will learn specific postures to help with your sexual tantric practice as well as techniques such as directing energy to the chakras.

By practicing this holistic style of yoga you will unblock, purify and balance your entire energy system as well as experience:


Peace of Eden is a magical eco forest retreat lodge nestled away just outside the charming little town of Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.  The lodge is run by a family who are passionate about animals, wildlife and the natural world. They have been vegetarians for decades so it comes with no surprise that nutritiously delicious homemade and organic vegetarian meals will be on the menu for the duration of your stay.  February promises summer sunshine!  With natural forest and the Indian ocean surrounding you, you will be spoilt with a choice of activities that range from leisurely walks amongst the birds of eden to bungie jumping of the highest bridge jumping point in the world!