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Workshops and Retreats

At Peace of Eden we offer a wonderful array of holistic retreats, vegan cooking workshops from one night to a week. There are a variety of workshops, weekends, classes and private sessions in a wide variety of inspiring, creative, educational , environmental and empowering modalities. We host an interesting assortment of colourful, dynamic local and International speakers, therapists and artistes who come here to share their inspirational expertise.

Are you needing to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul or just take some time out to rest, write and inspire yourself? At Peace of Eden Vegan Forest Retreat & Backpackers Lodge you can do just that. We will tailor make a retreat or getaway for you, from a weekend to 30 days to suit your personal needs and wishes. We offer a variety of healing modalities using local professionals, therapists and teachers. Here is a taste of what your personal retreat could consist of: Silence - Experience a guided forest walk with the 'Souls of your feet' - Yoga - Meditation -Tai Chi - Movement Medicine - Vegan meals - Raw diet - Juicing De tox - Natural Gardening - Intro to Permaculture - Nurture to nature - Horse interactions - Family constellation work, Music sound journeys - Art Therapy - Star gazing -Creative writing - Healing & de stress Breathwork - Reiki - Aroma massage - Birding - Beach walks - etc.

Empowering healing therapies

From deep healing breath to soulful forest walks, from creative vegetarian cooking to meditative silence, from music to dancing in colourful kaleidescopic light, every one of these workshops will inspire and transform your inner and outer worlds guiding you to a more joyful authentic life.


  • Soulful forest walks and Hikes­ Howard Butcher
  • Inspirational Breathwork Sessions & Retreats ­ Jen Harvey­Butcher
  • Vegetarian Cooking evenings and weekends ­ Jen and invited guestS
  • Astrology Courses ­ Western & Vedic ­ Richard Fiddler
  • Meditation evenings and weekends ­ Various Guest Teachers
  • Yoga Retreats ­ Various Yogi’s from S.A and Europe
  • Storytelling & Kaleidoscopic dance ­ Akira Erica Stander

Tantra Yoga Retreat - 5-15 March 2015

Awaken Your Spirit & Inspire Your Soul with 10 Days of Tantra & Yoga 

Thula Yoga Forest Retreat Program in South Africa

This retreat teaches couples and individuals the basic principles of a tantric life. The first week is consecrated mostly to theory, training, and practical issues for the individual. You will study the Tantric orgasm and how to develop it through the understanding and practice of Tantric techniques like sublimation, retention, transfiguration and more. These techniques will be supported by a relevant practice of Hatha Yoga to enhance sexual vitality and sublimation of sexual energies.
The course is for both single men, single women and couples who wish to understand Tantric spirituality and comprehend why Tantra is a unique “life embracing” approach when compared to more mainstream, ascetic and repressive spiritual traditions. Participants will be given both theoretical and practical elements to understand how to make sexuality a spiritual path, in adherence to the most ancient tradition of Tantra. 

Consisting of Tantra, Kundalini, Hatha and Laya yoga, this retreat offers an Integral system of yoga  based on ancient teachings from India and Tibet. You will learn specific postures to help with your sexual tantric practice as well as techniques such as directing energy  to the chakras. 
By practicing this holistic style of yoga you will unblock, purify and balance your entire energy system as well as experience: 

relieved stress
improved health and over all wellbeing 
an expansion of energy
a purification of all energy channels
increased mental insight
heightened creativity 
deep internal calm
an increase in vitality, self confidence and inner balance
sublime energy for increased duration of lovemaking
In addition to your yoga practice you will gain esoteric and practical insights pertaining to the world of yoga and tantra. Laying your foundations will be introductory subjects: 

Yamas & Niyamas (Moral Guidelines)
Diet & purification for tantric practice
What is Yoga/Tantra 
The Chakras/Energy Centres 
Polarity of Energy
The 5 Bodies 
8 Stages of Yoga 
You will learn how to develop your sexual potential and use it for the awakening of consciousness. The sylabus for this part of the retreat comes from the  Tantric Sexuality workshops, and includes topics such as: 

The understanding of the curves of pleasure and how to cultivate deeper and refined orgasm for both men and women. Focus will be placed to differentiate orgasm and ejaculation for men, and explosive vs implosive and internal vs external orgasm for women. Men and women will learn the essentials techniques needed for their training towards Tantric orgasm.
Retention Techniques/Control of Sexual Energy
7 Different Orgasms for women
Sexuality of the Chakras 
Meditations of transmutation-sublimation of the sexual energy
The retreat comes to an end with a weekend workshop that is intended for the victory of the couple relationship. Wether you are in a partnership or not, the practical and ancient knowledge presented will take all your realtionships with family, lovers and friends into new and deeper states of love and awareness.

The sylabus includes some of the following topics:

Making and sustaining magic for long term relationships
Teachings from the Kama Sutra (postures, erogenous zones, techniques, principles of pleasure)
Methods for enhancing virility and removing frigidity
The specific tantric postures of lovemaking
Oral sex and its tantric techniques
Love vs. possessiveness
Practicing presence & Offering Surrender 
Relationship Models
Masculine and Feminine principles 
Nature of true Love  

International Agama Yoga & Tantra Instructors

Enhance every aspect of your being and existence with this spiritually sublime retreat.

 Location Peace of Eden is a magical eco forest retreat lodge nestled away just outside the charming little town of Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.


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